Algorithmic Variables

Using Algorithmic Variables allows questions to vary when accessed by different students. This can be used either for adding a degree of insurance against simple copying in Assignments or to allow a single question to provide a stream of different problems for the same student. The latter might prove useful in Mastery Dialogs or Anonymous Practice sessions.

Using LaTeX

Here we document an alternative means by which question banks can be created. Using this method can have considerable benefits, including access to a slightly wider array of question types and reduced construction time. Using templates for question types in LaTeX documents can make question bank construction very much a matter of filling in the blanks.


This page documents methods for moving material in and out of your MyUni courses, at both coarse and fine-grained levels.

Assignment Properties

Control over what type of assigment, what feedback student receive, when an assignment is available and so forth is documented here; it corresponds to the Set Policies tab of the Assignment Editor in Maple T.A..