Providing Feedback on Questions[UPDATED]

The way that Maple T.A. currently maps Assignments to content objects in MyUni is somewhat limiting. In particular, the end-date of an Assignment is mapped to the final availability date within MyUni. So in the situation where an assignment is available up to a given time, with feedback restricted until after a test is closed (as set in the "Set Policies" section of the Assignment Editor in Maple T.A.), the assignment is no longer visible to students.
There is, however, a straightforward mechanism for allowing students to view their graded assignments. Activate the "TOOLS" section of your MyUni course, and ensure that the "Maple T.A. Tools" item is marked as visible. Students then have access to the graded/commented versions of their assignments via the "Tools" section of the course: they first select the relevant assignment, and then click "Show all Questions".

Setting graph-based questions in Safari

There is a problem setting graph-based questions in Safari (Mac OS X's default browser, supported by Maple T.A.). The text area corresponding to the question text inserts spurious line break characters when submitting its data: this can cause the <script> ... </script> content to break across more than one line, which is not allowed. The outcome of this is that the graph you are attempting to display will be absent. One workaround is to never edit such questions in Safari, but to instead use Firefox; alternatively, such questions may be uploaded using LaTeX.

Rollover of courses in MyUni

At present only one instance of a course with a given name is allowed to exist in MapleTA: this means that an instance of Maths IA, say, running in Semester 1, will prevent registration of a second instance of Maths IA being achieved in Semester 2. The remedy is to deregister the Semester 1 course, but this is only achievable by an administrator on the server. Contact the MyUni helpdesk if you encounter a screen that looks like the following:

Using the Equation Editor Palette

The equation editor palette provides a Java applet for entering mathematical content. If you click on "Equation Editor" when designing a question it gives a way to access common mathematical symbols that will be familiar to users of Microsoft Word's Equation Editor Add-in. Its performance can, however, be somewhat variable, and seems to be rather sensitive to the version of Java that's present on the user's computer. We highly recommend that this palette only be used for very simple equation building. If you have something more complex it's best to take the time to polish those LaTeX authoring skills.

Further Problems?

If you encounter any other repeatable difficulties with MapleTA please let me know. I'm happy to add them to this list, and will be even happier if you've developed a workaround!