What is Maple T.A.?

Maple T.A. is a web-based teaching and assessment tool which allows online content delivery and assessment to be achieved in a mathematically literate manner. It allows considerable flexibility in how student input is obtained, and accommodates a very broad range of question and content types. The web based authoring and administration interfaces allow easy development of assignments (aka "quizzes") and other content, and when more sophistication or flexibility is required there is the option of coding questions using Maple. Analysis of student results is easily achieved using the web based administration tools.

Maple T.A. and MyUni

At the University of Adelaide we have also purchased the MyUni (Blackboard) building block for Maple T.A.. This enables us to hand off all authentication/authorization details to MyUni, ensuring that students have single sign-on to access both their regular course material and their assignments in Maple T.A.. Grades from Maple T.A. assignments are automatically imported into the MyUni gradebook, but Maple T.A. can also provides finer-grained access to individual student results, including a record of how each question was answered by each student, time spent on each assignment, and some simple statistics on each question.

Getting Started with Maple T.A.

See the Getting Started page on this site, and maybe browse the Frequently Asked Questions to gauge whether Maple T.A. will prove useful in your course. We aim to provide more structured, hands-on training, so please contact me if you are interested.