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David Green

SA 5005

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Applied Mathematics
The School of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Adelaide
South Australia,   5005


I have worked on a variety of projects during my time

  • Commercial project on ATM transfer methods,
    • Investigating behaviour of credit based ATM transfer protocols using simulation.
    • Development and specification of intelligent policies to be used in conjunction with credit based ATM transfer protocols, including the establishment of buffering requirements for switches in both LAN and WAN environments.
  • Development and construction of a Risk Management Tool for a domiciliary health care authority.
  • Internet study of IP traffic used in gaming.
  • HF wireless project.
  • Commercial project modelling ATM, Frame Relay and IP networks. This ongoing project involved the development of software tools to model, analyse and dimension the current and future networks. This project, an example of the TRC's expertise, remains one of the core activities of the TRC.
  • Specification and development of a traffic shaper to guarantee Quality of Service to TCP/IP, UDP, ... users through for example an ISP.

Since the 25th June 2001 I have been with the School of Mathematical Sciences in Applied Mathematics at the The University of Adelaide.