A conference on the geometry and quantization of moduli spaces

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan, 24-28 June 2019

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The main objective of this meeting is to bring together leading researchers to discuss recent developments related to the geometry and quantization of moduli spaces of flat connections, Higgs bundles and their interaction with representation theory and arithmetic geometry.

The conference is funded by the JSPS, RIMS, the Australian Research Council and the Marsden Fund.

Invited Speakers

Andrea Appel (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Sjoerd Beentjes (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Ben Davison (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Iordan Ganev (IST, Austria)

Sam Gunningham (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Kazuki Hiroe (Chiba University, Japan)

Kohei Iwaki (Nagoya University, Japan)

Qiongling Li (Caltech, USA)

Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu (Columbia University, USA)

Anton Mellit (University of Vienna, Austria)

Luca Migliorini (University of Bologna, Italy)

Paul Norbury (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Tony Pantev (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Szilard Szabo (Budapest University of Technology, Hungary)

Kenji Ueno (Yokkaichi University, Japan)

Dimitri Wyss (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche, France)


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