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February 2019

Postgraduate students

The School of Mathematical Science at the University of Adelaide has a long history of achievement in research and postgraduate education, and a reputation for providing a stimulating and supportive environment. Facilities and resources available include conference travel, opportunity to participate in the teaching program and access to excellent computing facilities. Over many years the University of Adelaide has ranked in the top two or three Australian Universities for PhD completions in Mathematics and Statistics, and our graduates are highly sought after.

Research degrees

The following links describe the postgraduate research degrees available in the School of Mathematical Sciences. Note that the Master of Philosophy is restricted to domestic applicants only.

The following links provide general information about postgraduate research at The University of Adelaide and in the School of Mathematical Sciences in particular.

Links to application information and forms are provided below. Prospective candidates should read the above information thoroughly. Potential supervisors should be contacted using the online form below. General enquiries can be directed to the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Coursework degrees

The following links describe the postgraduate coursework degrees available in the School of Mathematical Sciences. These links also contain information about entry requirements, tuition fees and application procedures.

The following links provide general information about postgraduate coursework education at The University of Adelaide.

David Green
Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies

Information for research postgraduates

Postgraduate seminar series

The research postgraduates run their own seminar series. Please note this series is for postgraduates and honours students only.

Poster presentation and the Stoneham prize

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Before making any domestic travel arrangements, you must obtain approval by filling out the School's travel approval form and submit the completed form to the School Office. Regardless of who funds your travel, this authorisation is needed for you to be covered by University travel insurance.

For international travel requests, please ensure you complete both the School's approval form and the University's Notification to Travel Form.

If you will be away for more than a week, fill out this study leave form and submit the completed form to the Graduate Centre.

Master of Philosophy or Science students

Thesis titleStudentYear
Non-commutative geometry methods In number theory
Oka theory of Riemann surfaces
Stochastic modelling of ecological systems
Matrix-analytic methods
Topics in complex geometric analysisMichael Albanese
Time series analysis of financial dataSoo Young Lee
Quantitative analysis of surface shapeJack Massey
Loop groups, representations and K-theoryRyan Mickler
Internet traffic matricesEric Parsonage
Clustering and alignment for microarray time course dataSean Robinson
Caloron correspondence and differential K-theoryVincent Schlegel
Analysis of school-based school performance dataJessica Tan

Doctor of Philosophy graduates

Thesis titleStudentYear
Methods for two-party privacy-preserving linear programmingAlice Bednarz2012
Acyclic embeddings of open Riemann surfaces into elliptic manifoldsTyson Ritter2011
Noncommutative geometry in string and M theoryJames Wallbridge2011
A Fourier-Mukai transform for invariant differential cohomologyRichard Green2011
Problems in backward stochastic differential equations; with applications to nonlinear evaluations a...Samuel Cohen2011
A stochastic Buckley-Leverett modelSimon Carter2010
Conics, unitals and net replacementDaniel Marshall2010
Fundamental bigroupoids and 2-covering spacesDavid Roberts2010
Laplace-domain analysis of fluid line networks with applications to time-domain simulation and syste...Aaron Zecchin2010
Bayesian networks for high-dimensional data with complex mean structureJessica Kasza2010
Semilinear stochastic differential equations with applications to forward interest rate models 2010
Optimal designs for two-colour microarray experimentsPenny Sanchez2010
Drought predictions: Applications in AustraliaHui Wong2010
The development and stability of some non-planar boundary-layer flowsNathaniel Jewell2009
Boundary-layer flows in non-Newtonian fluidsPaul Dabrowski2009
BGP, not as easy as 1-2-3Ashley Flavel2009
The stability of multiple wing-tip vorticesJames Whitehead2009
Bandwidth allocation for quality of service provision in IEEE 802.16 systemsTze Wei Tang2009
Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of nutrient supply to the mammalian oocyteAlys Clark2009
Loop groups, Higgs fields and generalised string classesRaymond Vozzo2009
Applications of conditional value-at-risk to water resources managementBrian Webby2009
Copulas for credit derivative pricing and other applicationsGlenis Crane2009
Resistance, wave-making and wave-decay of thin ships, with emphasis on the effects of viscosityLeo Lazauskas2009
Boundary element methods for the solution of a class of infiltration problemsMaria Lobo2008
Regularized equivariant Euler classes and gamma functionsRongmin Lu2008
Fundamental numerical schemes for parameter estimation in computer visionTony Scoleri2008
Quadrals and their associated subspacesDavid Butler2008
Time-dependence in Markovian decision processesJeremy McMahon2008
Invariant bilinear differential pairings on parabolic geometricsJens Kroeske2008
The behaviour of stochastic rumoursSelma Belen2008
Exact solution to the stochastic spread of social contagion using rumoursRoland Dickinson2008
The effects of social networks on the health of older AustraliansLynne Giles2008
Geometric neurodynamical classifiers applied to breast cancer detectionTijiana Ivancevic2008
Random allocations: New and extended models and techniques, with applications and numericsRay Kennington2007
Numerical modelling of temperature-induced circulation in shallow water bodies and applications to T...Jong Wook Lee2007
A multi-disciplinary approach to complex systems designAlex Ryan2007
Quantitative methods for investment decisions in communication networksClare Saddler2006
The Markovian binary tree: A model of the macroevolutionary processNectarios Kontoleon2006

Master of Philosophy or Science graduates

Thesis titleStudentYear
Data-driven model selection and parameter estimation using semi-automatic approximate Bayesian compu...Adam Rohrlach2014
Simulation of correlated variables: a comparison of approaches with a case study from the Yandi Chan...Christopher De-Vitry2010