The University of Adelaide
Yvonne Stokes
Professor, Applied Mathematics
Phone: +61 8 8313 4808
Room: 6.45 Innova 21

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Research Interests

  • Fluid mechanics
    In particular very-viscous fluid flows (e.g molten glass), free-surface flows, computational fluid dynamics.
  • Industrial mathematics
    Particularly modelled by differential equations and/or involving heat and mass transfer.
  • Mathematical biology.
    Particularly modelled by differential equations and/or involving mass transfer.

Research Grants

  • ARC Future Fellowship 2017-2020, Mathematics the key to modern glass and polymer fibre technology.
  • ARC Linkage Project 2016-2018, Enhanced sensitivity of electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry. With H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, P. Hoffmann and A. Gooley. Industry Partner, Trajan Scientific and Medical.
  • ARC Discovery Project 2016-2018, Suspension flows and particle focusing in curved geometries. With A.L. Bertozzi.
  • University of Adelaide ECMS Research Support Scheme 2015, Quantification and modelling of spatial structures in colorectal (bowel) cancer. With J.E.F Green, B. Binder, H. Zhang, D. Worthley.
  • ARC Discovery Project 2013-2015, Shining the light on geometry of microstructured optical fibres. With D.G. Crowdy and H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem.
  • ARC Linkage Project 2011-2013, Paving the way: an experimental approach to the mathematical modelling and design of permeable pavements With S.C. Beecham, L.R. White, J.W. Boland, P.G. Howlett and J.M. Wells.
  • University of Adelaide ECMS Category 1 Grant Improvement Scheme Funding 2008, Viscous flow for manufacture of optical fibres.
  • ARC Discovery Project 2004-2006, Viscous extensional flow and drop breakoff. With E.O. Tuck.
  • University of Adelaide ECMS Small Grant 2003, 3D geomechanical modelling of salt diapirism. With S. Hunt.
  • University of Adelaide Small Grant 2002, Computational modelling of destratification of shallow lakes.
  • ARC Small Grant 2000, High order B-splines for numerical differentiation of noisy data.
  • ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2000-2002, Fluid flow in open helical channels with application to spiral particle separators.

PhD Students

  • Gagani Ranathunga, current, Mathematical modelling to aid fabrication of components for medical devices.
  • James Reoch, current, Mathematical modelling of the complex mechanics of biological gels.
  • David Arnold, PhD conferred 2017, Thin-film flow in helical channels.
  • David Wilke, PhD conferred 2017, Pressure and flow within the umbilical vessels.
  • Hayden Tronnolone, PhD conferred 2016, Extensional and surface-tension-driven fluid flows in microstructured optical fibre fabrication.
  • Zeeshan Mohiuddin, PhD conferred 2014, Pore scale visualization and simulation of miscible displacement.
  • Alys Clark, PhD conferred 2009, Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of the nutrient supply to the mammalian oocyte.

Selected Research Projects & Collaborations

  • Viscous flow in manufacture of microstructured optical fibres. With Prof. D.G. Crowdy, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, UK, and H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, School of Chemistry and Physics, The University of Adelaide.
  • Viscous extensional flows. With Dr B. Bradshaw-Hajek, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia, and Assoc. Prof. J. Wylie, Department of Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong.
  • Particle-laden flow in spiral channels. With Prof. A. Bertozzi and Dr S. Lee, Department of Mathematics, University of California Los Angeles, USA.
  • Flows in spiral channels. With Prof. S.K. Wilson and Dr B.R. Duffy, Department of Mathematics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.