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January 2020

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People matching "Biostatistics"

Associate Professor Gary Glonek
Associate Professor in Statistics

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Professor Patty Solomon
Professor of Statistical Bioinformatics

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Dr Simon Tuke
Lecturer in Statistics

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Courses matching "Biostatistics"

Biostatistics III

Biostatistics is the branch of statistics developed for applications within the biomedical, pharmaceutical and health sciences. These methods are fundamental to contemporary medical research. They play a key role in evaluating treatments for diseases such as cancer and heart disease, in predicting the spread and incidence of epidemics and in evaluating the risk associated with factors such as obesity or exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This course provides an introduction to the design and analysis of clinical trials and epidemiological studies, and methods for the analysis of biostatistical data. Topics covered are: the role of randomisation and ethical considerations, Phase I to Phase IV trials, the Data and Safety Monitoring Board; methods of randomisation, unrestricted and restricted randomisation, random permuted blocks, biased coin designs, stratification, minimisation; trial size, fixed, sequential and group sequential trials, factorial trials, crossover trials and equivalence trials; epidemiology, cohort, case-control and related epidemiological studies, models for disease association, relative risk, odds ratio, attributable risk; diagnostic tests and screening, meta-analysis, survival analysis.

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Publications matching "Biostatistics"

Optimal designs for 2-color microarray experiments
Sanchez, Penny Susan; Glonek, Garique, Biostatistics 10 (561–574) 2009
Gene profiling for determining pluripotent genes in a time course microarray experiment
Tuke, Simon; Glonek, Garique; Solomon, Patricia, Biostatistics 10 (80–93) 2008
Factorial and time course designs for cDNA microarray experiments
Glonek, Garique; Solomon, Patricia, Biostatistics 5 (89–111) 2004

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