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December 2019

Research grants

Grant titleFunding Agency
Network Management in a World of SecretsARC
A novel approach to controlling boundary-layer separationARC
Nonlinear spatial and spatiotemporal econometrics: theory with applicationsARC
Effective and accurate model dynamics, deterministic and stochastic, across multiple space and time scalesARC
Dynamic risk measuresARC
Topological Optimisation of Fluid MixingARC
WaterLog - A mathematical model to implement recommendations of The Wentworth GroupARC
Dualities in String Theory and Conformal Field Theory in the context of the Geometric Langlands ProgramARC
A stochastic space time model of rainfall fields in large heterogeneous regionsARC
Geometric problems from quantum theoryARC
New approaches to index theoryARC
Modelling of multiscale systems in engineering and science supports large-scale equation-free simulations and analysisARC
The use of stochastic fluid models for the evaluation of applications driven sample path ARC
A new perturbation method for solving singular operator equations with applications to complex systemsARC
Innovations in Enterprise Risk Management: Risk Aggregation, Dependence, and EfficiencyARC
South Australian Supercluster FacilityARC
Characterisation of Internet Traffic MatricesARC
Fractional analytic index theoryARC
Symmetry in Differential GeometryARC
Symmetry and Analysis in Differential GeometryARC
Viscous extensional flow and drop breakoffARC
Mathematical models for water management systemsARC
FIRN: Financial Integrity Research NetworkARC
Tissue Engineering of Human Heart Valve Grown In VitroARC
A stochastic spatial rainfall model for engineering risk assessmentARC
Particle Deposition in the Human Lung: Computer Aided DesignARC
Classification and Invariants in Complex Differential GeometryARC
Ensuring the Robustness of IP RoutingARC
New approaches to index theory and geometryARC
Designing Microarray ExperimentsARC
Global aspects of dualities in String Theory in the presence of background fluxesARC
Monopoles, instantons and metricsARC
Optimal Transforms of Random VectorsARC
Delivering guaranteed quality of service over IP networksARC
Numerical Modelling of Free Surface Flows in Shallow Water BodiesSupport from United Water International
Geometric methods in quantum theoryARC
Robust fluid mixing through topological chaosARC
Complex Open Systems Network (COSNet)ARC
Characterizing and classifying ovoids, flocks and generalized quadranglesARC
A comparative study of generalised solution concepts for elliptic partial differential equations using nonsmooth analysis techniquesARC
Systematically model the large-scale complexity of turbulent floods and thin film flowsARC
Pricing, Solvency and Capital Management in Insurance: New Perspectives from the Integration of Actuarial and Financial Economic TheoryARC
Understanding the fluid mechanics of unsteady frictionARC
Singular and Analytic Perturbations, Slow and Fast Time Scales in Control Theory and Viability Theory and their ApplicationsARC