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June 2020

Professor Michael Murray

Chair of Pure Mathematics

Office: 729 | Telephone: +61 8 8313 4174 | Personal homepage

Academic duties

Elected Member of Faculty Board

Honours supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Tannaka-Krein DualityMichael McInerney2010

Master of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Quantitative analysis of surface shapeJack Massey
Loop groups, representations and K-theoryRyan Mickler
Topics in complex geometric analysisMichael Albanese
Caloron correspondence and differential K-theoryVincent Schlegel

Doctor of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Noncommutative geometry in string and M theoryJames Wallbridge2011
A Fourier-Mukai transform for invariant differential cohomologyRichard Green2011
Fundamental bigroupoids and 2-covering spacesDavid Roberts2010
Loop groups, Higgs fields and generalised string classesRaymond Vozzo2009
Fundamental numerical schemes for parameter estimation in computer visionTony Scoleri2008

Research interests

Research interestGroup
Differential geometryGeometry
Gauge theoryGeometry
Mathematical physicsGeometry
Mathematics of string theoryGeometry
Differential geometryMathematical Physics
Gauge theoryMathematical Physics
Mathematical physicsMathematical Physics
Mathematics of string theoryMathematical Physics

Research seminars

BibundlesDifferential Geometry Seminar
How to see in higher dimensionsUndergraduate Seminar
The caloron transformDifferential Geometry Seminar
Lifting principal bundles and abelian extensionsDifferential Geometry Seminar
How to see in many dimensionsUndergraduate Seminar
Equivariant bundle gerbesDifferential Geometry Seminar
Real bundle gerbesDifferential Geometry Seminar