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August 2019

Professor Patty Solomon

Professor of Statistical Bioinformatics

Office: 739 | Telephone: +61 8 8313 3033 | Personal homepage

Honours supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Pre-processing of Proteomic Mass Spectra Christopher Davies2008
Survival analysis in breast cancer John Russell2007
Estimating influenza-associated mortality in Australia Hannah Murdoch2006

Doctor of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Bayesian networks for high-dimensional data with complex mean structureJessica Kasza2010
Analysis of gene data from the microbial community in bioleachingSusana Soto Rojo
Equivalence in gene expression studiesSimon Tuke
Statistical methods for the analysis of protein mass spectra data

Research interests

Research interestGroup
Gene expression studiesBioinformatics
Design and analysis of microarray and other experimentsBioinformatics
Analysis of proteomic spectraBioinformatics
Gene and protein networksBioinformatics
Data miningBioinformatics
Components of varianceBioinformatics
Survival analysisBioinformatics
Clinical trialsBioinformatics
Critical care medicineBioinformatics
Monitoring and assessing health outcomesBioinformatics
Survival analysisBiostatistics
Clinical trialsBiostatistics
Critical care medicineBiostatistics
Monitoring and assessing health outcomesBiostatistics
Components of varianceBiostatistics
Gene expression studiesBiostatistics
Design and analysis of microarray and other experimentsBiostatistics
Analysis of proteomic spectraBiostatistics
Gene and protein networksBiostatistics
Statistical data miningBiostatistics

Research seminars

When statistics meets bioinformaticsUndergraduate Seminar
People smugglers and statisticsUndergraduate Seminar