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July 2020

Professor Nigel Bean

Chair of Applied Mathematics

Office: 620 | Telephone: +61 8 8313 3797 | Personal homepage

Academic duties

Director of Research

Honours supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Amphibious assault planning: two-dimensional bin packing with rotation and priorityMatthew Bland2011
Getting the most from a multi-skilled workforce 2008

Master of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Data-driven model selection and parameter estimation using semi-automatic approximate Bayesian computation to reconstruct population dynamics from ancient DNAAdam Rohrlach2014
Internet traffic matricesEric Parsonage
Analysis of school-based school performance dataJessica Tan
Matrix-analytic methods
Stochastic modelling of ecological systems

Doctor of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Throughput Management for CSMA/CA Networks : IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANShafiqul Karim2012
Methods for two-party privacy-preserving linear programmingAlice Bednarz2012
BGP, not as easy as 1-2-3Ashley Flavel2009
Bandwidth allocation for quality of service provision in IEEE 802.16 systemsTze Wei Tang2009
Time-dependence in Markovian decision processesJeremy McMahon2008
A multi-disciplinary approach to complex systems designAlex Ryan2007
Optimisation in geothermal energy
Matrix analytic methods in network infrastructureAriella Helfgott
Monitoring and analysis of wireless ad hoc networksJonathan Arnold
Application of compressed sensing to network measurement and routingRhys Bowden
Mathematical modelling of rock lobster populationsJohn Feenstra
Stochastic modelling of tumour growthKate Simms
Modelling and optimisation of group dose-response challenge experiments

Research interests

Research interestGroup
Markov chainsStochastic Modelling and Optimisation
Matrix analytic methodsStochastic Modelling and Optimisation
Operations researchStochastic Modelling and Optimisation
Mathematical modellingStochastic Modelling and Optimisation

Research seminars

Probability, what can it tell us about health?Undergraduate Seminar