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July 2020

Mr Edward Ross

Honours graduate


Honours supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Amphibious assault planning: two-dimensional bin packing with rotation and priorityMatthew Bland2011
Accumulated reward in Markov reward modelsKate Menzel2011

Master of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Stochastic modelling of ecological systems

Doctor of Philosophy supervision

Thesis titleStudentGraduation
Modelling and optimisation of group dose-response challenge experiments

Honours thesis

On compact, simply connected, smooth four-manifolds with definite intersection form

This is an investigation into a theorem Simon Donaldson established in “An application of gauge theory to four dimensional topology”, published in the Journal of Differential Geometry in 1983. Here the intersection form is introduced and the classification of compact, simply connected 4- manifolds is stated to provide the appropriate context. Donaldson’s theorem on compact, simply connected smooth 4-manifolds with positive definite intersection form is stated, and his original proof is outlined. We conclude with a brief review of implications of these results and a comparison of 4-manifolds with manifolds of other dimensions.