A list of notable past and present grants:

Years Title Investigators Grant Body/Number Value
2014-2021 ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers Hall, Bartless, Bean, Burrage, DeGier, Delaigle, Forrester, Geweke, Kohn, Kroese, Mengersen, Pettitt, Pollett, Roughan, Ryan, Taylor, Turner, Wand, Caley, Churches, Elazar, Gupta, Harch, Tam, Weegberg, Willinger ARC CE140100049 $20 million
2014-17 Software Defined Networking: Transforming Emergency Operations Nguyen and Roughan ARC Linkage grant LP140100489 $195,000
2015 Test-bed for Wide-Area Software Defined Networking Research Sivaraman, A/Prof Vijay; Roughan, Prof Matthew; Abolhasan, A/Prof Mehran; But, Dr Jason A; Varadharajan, Prof Vijay; Russell, Dr Craig L; Moors, Dr Timothy C; Safaei, Prof Farzad; Portmann, A/Prof Marius; Liang, A/Prof Weifa; Gregory, Dr Mark A; Jha, Prof Sanjay K; Taubman, Prof David S; Nguyen, Dr Hung X; Falkner, Dr Nickolas J; Mao, Prof Guoqiang; Braun, Prof Robin M; Armitage, Prof Grenville J; Tupakula, Dr Udaya K; Indulska, Prof Jadwiga; Strazdins, A/Prof Peter E; Raad, Dr Raad ARC LIEF LE150100030 $270,000
2011-13 Internet traffic-matrix synthesis Roughan and Willinger ARC DP110103505 $425,000
2010-13 Autoconfiguration of critical network infrastructure Roughan ARC LP100200493 with CQR $128,000
2010 Roughan and Nguyen Local ECMS $15,000
2009-11 Network Management in a World of Secrets Roughan and Shen ARC DP0985063 $315,000
2009 Roughan and Nguyen Local ECMS $25,000
2006-7 Information Discovery in Network Data Roughan DSTO postdoctoral fellowship $240,000
2005-7 Ensuring the Robustness of IP Routing Bean and Roughan ARC DP0557066 $388,000