Professor Jim M. Hill Detail

Office: Room 736
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Adelaide SA 5005
Phone: +61 8 8313 6174
Position: Professor of Applied Mathematics and
Head of Nanomechanics Group
Group: Nanomechanics Group
Qualifications: DSc (University of Queensland)
PhD (University of Queensland)
BSc (First Class Honours) (University of Queensland)
Professor Jim Hill is an Applied Mathematician, with research interests in Mathematical Modelling and in many diverse areas of formal mathematical analysis, which typically involve technically difficult nonlinear mathematics. He is currently Head of the Nanomechanics Group at the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide since July 1st 2010. The group exploits classical Applied Mathematical Modelling procedures in Nanotechnology, and in scientific areas which to date have been dominated by Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science, and Hill has demonstrated that major insights can be achieved through Applied Mathematics.

He has been an Associate Editor since 1982 of the ANZIAM Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, which is published by the Australian Mathematical Society. His work has received international recognition through his appointment to the Editorial Boards of four international journals: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Journal of Applied Mathematics, and the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, both published by Oxford University Press, Journal of Engineering Mathematics published by Kluwer Academic Press and Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids published by Sage Science Press.
  • He is the recipient of the 2008 ANZIAM Medal for contributions to both Applied Mathematical research and the Applied Mathematics discipline in our region.
  • He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, UK.
  • He has received two five year fellowships from the Australian Research Council; an ARC Senior Research Fellowship in 1997 to work on Granular Materials, and an ARC Australian Professorial Fellowship in 2004 to work on Nanomechanics.
  • Since 1983 he has received 14 major research awards, including ARC Large Grants, ARC Discovery Projects, National Research Fellowship, National Teaching Company Scheme, comprising in total well in excess of (Aus) $4.5 million.
  • He has published five books, and almost 300 research publications in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics, and all appearing in international journals.
  • He has given Plenary and Invited talks at a number of international Mechanics and Applied Mathematical conferences; including Plenary talks in Canada and Australia, and numerous Invited talks in Denmark, Hong Kong, UK and France.